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1. How does Bona Fide work?

Bona Fide analyses your likes and interests based on the information you provide to us, and we then match you with the most relevant brands and campaigns so that you can post about the things you really enjoy. You’ll be suggested for certain campaigns, but you won’t be limited to these. You will be able to submit for any campaigns you are interested in.

2. Why should I use Bona Fide?

Bona Fide is all about authenticity. We want people to enjoy creating and posting social content, and working on something that they are genuinely passionate about. This is the true meaning of influence. Unlike other influencer platforms, we directly tailor campaigns to suit you and this way, you can guarantee a much better engagement rate, as well as an all-round enjoyable experience. We want you to be yourself, and this means not having to compromise what you post about.

3. In what countries can I use Bona Fide?

At the moment, our main focus is on UK influencers, but we have plans to expand rapidly so you’re welcome to sign up wherever you’re based and we’ll be in touch as soon as we have a relevant campaign.

4. How much does it cost to use Bona Fide?

For influencers, it is completely free! You’ll make money by participating in campaigns.

5. How do influencers get matched with brands?

Depending on the criteria set up for a campaign, our super clever tech will identify who has the specific requirements a brand is looking for, and invite those people to take part in the campaign.

Our sign-up process allows influencers to tell us everything they like, and tell us as much as they want about themselves. The more they tell us, the more campaigns we can accurately match them to.

Brands are able to specify to us who they're looking for on a campaign, and we can use all of the database info we have to find exactly the right people.


1. How do I qualify to be an influencer?

We don’t focus so much on following, we are more interested in what you’re passionate about posting. As long as you submit some interests to us so we can match you with relevant campaigns, we want you on board! It’s important to have a public account in order to participate in our campaigns.

2. Can my social account(s) be private?

We need you to have a public account so that Bona Fide and the brands we work with can see the great work that you’re doing. We can't approve you until your accounts are public.

3. I've signed up as an influencer. How do I get started?

Once you've created your profile, head onto the app to get started. If you haven't filled out your full profile yet, go and add as many relevant likes, loves, and one fave to your account so we can start matching you with campaigns.

You can find campaigns you're eligible for in the Campaigns section of the app.

4. What type of content will I be producing?

This depends on the campaign. You’ll have the opportunity to produce your own original stuff, or content based on specific requirements. You may simply share assets provided by the brand itself, and you may also take part in product sampling opportunities or bigger experiences, like events that you’ll attend and generate content for.  But every campaign will have clear instruction (including how much you’ll be paid) and you can decide whether you want to take part or not!

5. How does pay work and how much will I earn?

Typically you’ll be paid within a week of the end of the campaign but it will be made clear in the campaign brief exactly what and when you’ll be paid. 

We will pay you straight into your bank account.  We work with Wise (formerly TransferWise) to make the payments, so we don’t need to hold your bank details and you can take the money in most currencies.

How much you earn depends upon each campaign, and will vary depending upon what we’re asking you to do (for example just share or create content), how big your audience is and what platform (Insta, Facebook etc).  Each campaign will have clear instructions and explain exactly what you’ll get paid.  You can then choose to take part or not – it's completely up to you.




To login to your influencer dashboard, you will need to use the Bona Fide mobile app.

This is free to download - go check it out!