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Real people. Real passions. Talking about your brand.

We’ve built a Bona Fide community of genuine people with a huge range of passions and interests. Our intelligent platform connects you with relevant influencers to promote your brand, based on age, location and interests.

Connect with a

passionate online community

ready to promote and share your brand with their


The Bona Fide Difference

Match your brand with relevant advocates based on their passions and interests. They can then create content, share content, try new products, experience your services, or you can simply find out what they really think.


You won’t find Khloe Kardashian on Bona Fide; our advocates are real people who have built genuine organic audiences, ensuring three times better engagement than other influencer platforms. As part of the sign-up process, we perform authenticity checks before they’re admitted.


Once matched with advocates, you can choose the type of campaign to meet your objectives. From simple market research, to sharing or creating content, to sampling products and services across multiple platforms.


Bona Fide makes working with thousands of different influencers really easy. Bona Fide can manage the entire process or you can do the whole thing yourself, including managing and approving multiple content revisions on mobile or desktop.


Campaigns start from £2000 and include comprehensive analytics and reporting using multiple metrics.

Campaign types

We work across multiple platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok

Share Only

Influencers will share your supplied and pre-approved brand assets with their followers with no added creativity.

Create Only

Creators will produce content for your brand that will then be approved (either by you or Bona Fide, depending on your preference). The influencers can then share that content within Bona Fide or you can use as you see fit.

Create & Share

Influencers will create content and share based upon your brand messaging and brief after being approved.

Market Research

Directly ask questions to the Bona Fide community.

Product Sampling

Bona Fide can facilitate product sampling or trials (via vouchers or physical distribution). Followed by reviews and recommendations.


Bona Fide advocates will attend your events, movie screenings, gigs, restaurants etc and post prior, during, or after the occasion.


4 simple steps

Step 1

Decide upon the objective of the campaign, whether you want to self-manage, or if you want Bona Fide HQ to manage it for you. We can help you build your campaign to make sure it delivers the desired results.

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Step 2

Decide if the campaign is made up of single or multiple stages. This could be simply sharing brand assets, creating original content, or encouraging advocates to try a new product or service.

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Step 3

The super clever Bona Fide system will then put your campaign in front of the relevant influencers who will then request to join the campaign. Relevant influencers are chosen and then complete your brief as per your specification.

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Step 4

Approve your influencers and their content, and then you’re live. Results will be available on the platform.

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The Bona Fide team have run campaigns for household names and start-ups. Get in touch to see how we can build your campaign.

Get 1000s of influencers talking about your brand.


To login to your influencer dashboard, you will need to use the Bona Fide mobile app.

This is free to download - go check it out!